Products featured here represent the backbone ingredients necessary to create a high quality and cost effective solution for almost any industry, business or personal safety surveillance concern. With our preferred products, we are able to integrate any layer necessary such as solar, cellular, LTE/wireless technology and more… for any advanced requirements to build a custom designed system or for “plug n play” solutions for chain accounts and specific application needs.

From small retail solutions which require better loss reduction measures, to banking facilities which may need integrated ATM control or even a home owner concerned about property or safety issues, FPSN realizes the importance of having the “right technology” to address the new digital and multimedia video revolution.

With the ability now to give the public “real” digital IP based video solutions, and to combine the megapixel chip camera together with a PC/network and micro storage options, everyone can have and afford what few else are offering you which is; clear “non-grainy” video images, green energy saving products and of course piece of mind knowing you are investing in future- proofed networked video surveillance.

The below image is IP based and not from the standard offering from all CCTV/DVR based applications.  600 TV lines of horizontal resolution is not high resolution video!  Recorded images from DVR units cannot output past 540 lines and usually output only 1 CIF images that are 1/30 the quality of a 3 megapixel image IP camera. Standard (cell phones) can record much better clips than any “DVR” on the market.  This is why, if you (think of it) ,  the last media image you may have  remembered seeing  from TV showing a robbery event,  the quality is always very poor , and upgrading  DVR  systems to other DVR systems is also a very poor investment . IP based systems are far superior, more affordable, and reliable than any analog product being offered by most security companies…



IP megapixel image at Left- image taken at same time as below  image














( image at left is recorded ) with best “CCTV” can offer) DVR’s  ‘interlace’ recording  techniques showing the in-efficiency inherent to this NTSC based 65 year old format will never improve this image below. This is the big problem with the surveillance industry as they have been very slow to change their systems to (megapixel) formats because they are still able to sell to a public that is generally misinformed as to what is available. Investing in permanent surveillance solutions with (Network attached storage) for less costs than the bulky, energy in-efficient and poor quality coaxial based systems which only produce… (a general idea of the facts)….

Starting with the (right camera) goes a long way in creating the quality video necessary to produce clear images, and “facial detail” suitable for recorded output clips and images. So often it is the case where the effect of “improper technology” is seen in everyday news media. You know, the “grainy syndrome” as we like to call it. Garbage in- Garbage out…

For someone or an organization considering a purchase, you might as well invest in at least a (megapixel sensor) imager or not even venture into getting an IP based system. It comes down to the density of the image in (pixels) that determines how large an image is, how good it will look and how much detail is left after any compression and decoding for output. This is just one reason why the (analog) based systems fail to deliver, because they start off with so much less to work with in the first place, let alone the bad & old format . READ the Chronology page for more details…

The following cameras and products are some of the featured items we supply for our clients that suit most all needs from small to large, and from inside to outside needs…


MOBOTIX Q-24 camera-   Works in amazing ways to produce incredible overview of scenes & progressive IP images in multi megapixel quality. From Retail to warehousing and more… the Mobotix Q-24 using hemispheric and 360 degree technology allows for using many less cameras to accomplish more, for a variety of unique and high quality surveillance jobs.

Along with a varied and strong product mix, MOBOTIX offers a complete IP camera line and a TOTAL solution from the cameras, to the (license free) professional software platform, as well as power and network products….  See the images below & notes to see the varied options we use for many of our surveillance integration projects.

Mobotix Q-24 hemispheric camera-(‘Disruptive technology’) as described by industry experts, succinctly describes a product that changes everything from a technology perspective.)

    Amazing images with many display options can be produced for (image detail) to greatly reduce the required    cameras needed for any surveillance application.             

  Below are some components we combine for our clients to achieve our goal of providing best in class technology for 100 % IP and 100% digital video applications. (typical business application solution)

shown below.






We can create our systems as separate LAN’s on a network and/or in conjunction with a VPN, traffic shaping, or for any foreseeable network application. Private networks can have complete firewall protection for any and all users.

Below is another example of a product application using an in-expensive IP camera and applying differing protocols and services to cater to many  business client or home solutions. IP notification, sms ( text messaging) and VOIP options can enable your video system to be linked to you in seconds. ( typical home solution schematic with just one camera with integrated features)













For more demanding video applications we recommend using network appliances for server side installations combined with (direct storage) solutions, such as de-centralized example shown here..