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CCTV images and information from various industries showing how analog and interlace DVR based video is failing the public for safety in this digital age.

LA arsonist video

apparently  this snapshot was from police dept showing a ‘suspect’ in the recent LA fire by a German man ‘suspect.  this is just another of those weird images from CCTV.  Any smartphone today can take unbelievable video clips as we have seen from the middle east uprisings from ‘civilians’ using their cameras as video journalists. NOW only if a smartphone could be used 24/7 then we would have something ..

the ghost man

who is this ghostly figure

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another grainy video of robbery

pinellas county robbery

robbery image pinellas county florida

This clip is so common, as the public and certainly the store owners are not either aware, or have opted for cheap analog based ‘DVR’ technology to help secure their business. Using the NTSC video standard developed around 60 years ago, that should be replaced with (current) megapixel and high -definition systems to help solve these crimes much more accurately.

early this morning the local newspaper reported that the robbery ‘suspect’ in the above picture was held for the murder of the pinellas county FL convenience store attempted robbery.  Fortunately a local resident at another convenience store ‘recognized’ the suspect from the released video file to the public.  Having any video may help solve crimes like this, however without some luck it is amazing that anyone could make real concrete assumptions from the ‘grainy’ store video used to help protect the public and the store employee, that was killed from this incident.    the below image is the ‘suspect’ walking into store…

suspect enters store in robbery attempt

Now also the released video had the ‘suspect’ riding away on a bicycle after the murder..

suspected killer leaving store in getaway bicycle

The whole premise here is that if the police had only the resources from the (above) stores video surveillance system that his capture would possible never had happened, ?

the next image is the (mugshot) from the police dept of the apprehended (suspect) and also IMPORTANTLY the video from another local store that must have had a better image quality system to capture the video clip as shown..  this surveillance footage was very useful in helping to track down the suspect and seemed to help authorities much better than the (actual store) video from where the clerk was shot .   luckily this may have ended the mystery,   lesson here is that store owners should use the best systems possible to protect their employees as you never know when crime and opportunity meet…

the obviously higher resolution video clip here from (another local stores) video files, show a much improved video still to better match up the ‘suspect’ to the crime. I would say a 75% increase in video quality and the close proximity to the video camera that recorded this clip plus the (good lighting) helped out tremendously in this case.


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kidnapping image

   Image here is from a convenience store from a possible abduction case. Unfortunately the lack of resolution in this clip and interlace video artifacts make it very hard to ID persons of interest to solve these crimes

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