Self Storage facilities have liability risks like any other industry. However the users of these facilities usually only secure their belongings at locations that have adequate security measures in place. Namely video protections. Storage owners know this and most have screen displays inside their lobbies showing their coverage zones etc. Unfortunately the CCTV platforms used are woefully inadequate in making heads or tails from a break in or breach of security. The root of this problem lies in the fact that (outdoor) video coverage is very demanding. Lighting conditions combined with other environmental factors make this a difficult task even with good lighting and better equipment. Knowing this FPSN strives to design systems for storage that addresses the entrance area particularity. Since all vehicles come through this area first in some manner, either card access or not it only makes sense to (lock down) this area correctly with special design considerations. Often IR (infrared) additional light is mandatory if viewing and recording license tags. That being said, generally our IP based systems require using several less cameras to produce higher detailed video. Another important factor is that with the usual systems bought, many thousands of feet of coaxial cable is used to wire any facility to the (head end) components in the main office. This fact combined with the energy requirements for motorized camera elements means that ultimately much more maintenance is required for analog systems. Lightning is also a factor, as having so many cameras produces transient voltage paths back and forth all along the camera routes. IP systems designed by FPSN use far less cabling, non coaxial based and utilize wireless technology for long distance coverage areas. This is just a few of the reasons why our design is often more advantageous when it is compared to traditional CCTV.  Please view the images from some of our clients to see..   For this facility we used 4 total cameras for facility coverage.

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overview cam covers all 6 acres