HOA (Home owners associations) have become very security conscious the past several years as property owners have seen their home values decline. No matter if it’s high dollar gated communities or less exclusive property, everyone in these environments wants to protect their personal safety and property investments. With many visitors, vendors, and potential strangers coming into these developments daily it is of paramount concern to have gate accessible areas secure and accountability for all traffic. Most of the time (gate guards) can be deployed to provide security, however even the best system usually has video technology of some level for entrance and community access areas like community pools. As you can expect, the systems used currently by most are still not very effective to produce more than a (general idea of the facts) let alone (license tag capture) which is very specific and requires special equipment to accomplish. Associations or regular homeowners need to perform due diligence to explore more options than what they are using currently as security,theft, and vehicle ID will be an issue that will not be going away anytime soon..

Take a look at the next two images side by side at a community gate entry area. We don’t have to tell you which one is circa (1947) standard format OR which one is a progressive IP video megapixel clip do we ?

cctv the old stuff

gate damage from exit gate


It is amazing to see this type of system deployed today with so much better quality and energy saving technology available with costs close to analog.









Powerful video technology is available now to create long term viable security solutions

without the headaches of CCTV formats.. The video proof is evident. (as shown below)

snapshot from IP video system

The power of megapxiel IP video