FPSN, LLC ( FutureProofSurveillanceNetworks) was formed in 2009.  The primary focus and driving force behind our company was and still is today to offer our clients the best IP based video, security and network related products. For too long analog standards have dominated security and surveillance options for business use. Our passion is providing the best products to help for (public safety) and for the protection of store employees in the workplace. High image detail and quality should be a mandate as person’s committing serious crimes such as robbery, kidnapping and of course theft are often seen on ‘grainy’ video footage. This should not be so, as technology is available now and has been for some time, that allows for much higher standards for the use of video for  surveillance and property/asset protection.

As we enter the year 2012 and the age of internet media, reliance on resolution limited  systems such as  DVR/ CCTV (closed circuit television)  for evidentiary video should be waived, as IP standards have eclipsed the old analog NTSC formats for recorded video for review.

As [HD] and related standards have become the mainstay for television today, the same standards should be applied to the technology we use for surveillance purposes. Smart phones can now record much better video clips than we see often from surveillance footage. This fact just solidifies the need for more people to be offered better and more cost effective solutions for their video and security solutions for their business and home, or vehicles..

FPSN focus has always been to provide 100 % digital IP solutions for our customers for the design and implementation of our products and services. Please call us today to discuss your next upgrade or first step to a permanent video and technology based system designed around IP standards.


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