I didnt know this was available to me

better images

now we can see who steals from us

my name is Sam , I run a Shell USA convenience store in Hudson, FL  I now have exceptional video quality to help protect my store employees and to cut down on theft. Without Futureproof’s system in place several ‘events’ at our store would still be a mystery to us. attached is an image from my front counter for an example.

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  1. Tracy Bird says:

    As a surveillance professional myself, I must say that this technology is indeed future proof. I.P. based Megapixel technology as you can clearly see demonstrated in this photo is un-paralleled. The only way you can truly get whats known in the business as an “I.D. shot”, is by using this megapixel I.P. technology.

    Kudos to a company that is truly on the cutting edge of surveillance technology

    Tracy Bird
    Digitek security
    Chicago Il.

  2. admin says:

    this is why we do what we do ! higher quality matters

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